Final Round: Challenger vs. Premiers

In today's final round of the Challenger League's Bracket Stage eight Challengers meet eight Premier league players.

As if the recent matches haven't been good enough, it keeps getting better and better (and more difficult for the players) - what a perfect warm-up for this weekend's WCS playoffs! Everyone who wins his best of 3 series today qualifies for next season's Premier League.

Every Challenger who already survived two rounds is going to face one the Premier League players who were eliminated in the Round of 16. MMA, VortiX, SaSe, Feast, Thorzain, Nerchio, Naniwa and Strelok don't want to lose another match. Expect eight tough and top-notch matches. ESL TV with Kaelaris and Apollo as well as and our partner streams will cover every single match of the final round. 

WCS EU Challenger League - Stage 1 (Bracket Stage)
The Challenger League is made up of a bracket stage with 40 players followed by a group stage with 32 players. 16 players advanced from four open qualifiers, 16 dropped in the first group stage (Ro32) of Premier League and 8 more dropped in the second group stage (Ro16) of Premier League. Those eight will join the bracket stage in the third and final round, randomly seeded into the bracket. Eight survivors of all three rounds will qualify for WCS EU Season 2 Premier League.


  • Tournament Bracket at
  • First Round: Tuesday, May 21st 18:00 CEST
  • Second Round: Wednesday, May 22nd 18:00 CEST
  • Final Round: Thursday, May 23rd 18:00 CEST

  •  18:00 CEST 
  •     Shuttle vs. SaSe   via ESL TVaAa

  •  19:00 CEST
  •     ToD vs. ThorZaIN   via ESL TVaAa
  •     Bunny vs. MMA   GameSocial

  •  20:00 CEST
  •     Grubby vs. Nerchio   via ESL TVaAa
  •    Tefel vs. NaNiwa   GameSocial

  •  21:00 CEST
  •     ret vs. VortiX   via ESL TV
  •     Dayshi vs. Strelok    via GameSocialaAa

  •  22:00 CEST
  •     Bly vs. Feast   via GameSocialaAa


WCS EU Challenger League - Stage 2 (Group Stage)
All 32 players that were eliminated from the bracket stage will be randomly drawn into eight groups with four players each, where they will compete for the 16 spots in next season's Premier League and 8 spots in next season's Challenger League. The format used will be Dual Tournament Format. We will broadcast one group per day, starting on May 27th, ending on June 5th (no weekend shows).